Engineering for Growth


Achean is very happy to support the Royal Academy of Engineering‘s Engineering for Growth campaign.

Since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, it has been more urgently recognised that sustaining growing living standards as well as economic growth is a matter of advancing the nation’s engineering endeavours. This ‘re-balancing’ of the economy away from an over reliance on the service sector, must happen if the rise in living standards obtained over the last 100 years is to be maintained and improved yet further.

The campaign seeks to improve awareness of the essential roles that various engineering disciplines play in our daily lives as well as a driver of economic growth generally. The 10 key areas of growth identified are

  1. Economic growth
  2. Growth in skills and jobs
  3. Growth in energy diversity
  4. Growth in quality of life
  5. Growing the knowledge base
  6. Growth in sustainability
  7. Growth in communications
  8. Global growth
  9. Growth in health and wellbeing
  10. Infrastructure growth

At Achean, we are directly involved in several of these areas and we’ll be doing our bit to contribute to the campaign as well as our national economic recovery. We hope you will want to become involved too.

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